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"The Unsold Inventory"

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The solution to Fashions Biggest problem

Backed by a team of experienced Fashion Educationists, Designers and Sales team we are here to tackle the fashions biggest problem; How to manage the unsold inventory. The clearance model started by TJ Maxx in the 80's is not working anymore because fast fashion production has increased a  100 fold. So either you create new ways of decreasing you excess inventory or you risk the closure of your brand. We are developing millennial friendly ways to fix the inventory issues for all the big and medium brands,

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We believe all brands are not equal and so are their problems. The unsold inventory could be a result of mismatched sales techniques in a specific market, off beat marketing or a badly designed warehouse channeling. We come up with customized solution which may involve but not limited to, training of the creative staff, style groupings and customer targeting for a calculated, positive uptick in sales of seasonal leftovers.

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"The best way to predict your future, is to create it "

Abraham Lincoln

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